Thursday, August 05, 2010

This is The Quiet Book. Such an interesting book idea.

Here's a related idea.

Take a very short passage from scripture that includes "quiet" or "be still."

Ask your kids (any child old enough to be familiar with the word & fairly articulate), "What is 'quiet'?" or "What is 'be still'?" Then as a teacher or parent, think about how that understanding affects how the child understands the passage and how that affects how that child understands or knows God.


  1. Thanks for introducing me to this book - it's lovely.

  2. I'd forgotten about the kind we used to make to keep kids busy w/buttons & snaps & zippers & laces & such. There are quite a few new ideas on-line including rockets or vehicles that move along a string attached at both ends. Might be a fun project for toddler moms to do as a group or a gift to give them or a service activity for teens to make and leave in pews. They are time consuming to make.