Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do you want a New Testament reference to go with the scriptures at the end of the last post?

John 17:3. In context, John 17:2-4. Or better yet, look at the whole chapter or take another look at the whole book of John, especially from John 14 on.

Do a word search for "eternal" - Old Testament all the way through the New Testament. Read the verses in context to see what they say about "eternal". Then look at the passages about "eternal life". It might reinforce what you already know, what you've already heard. Or you might see things you never noticed before...not because they're new or were somehow hidden, just because you never noticed before or maybe you understand a little differently because you've lived a little more life and now God can help you see & understand something you couldn't see or understand before. However old we get, we're still His children, after all...

. . . after Thanksgiving, of course. :-)

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