Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We've talked a little about literacy and early readers  Church World Direct sent an email advertising a literacy packet for kids with graded Bible story readers. I'm finding the product but not the same images that came in the email but that's ok. You'd have to read the text first or talk to someone who's used it before you buy but the link is to the American Bible Society. "60 Literacy Readers adapted from the Contemporary English Version of the Bible." It looks like a Bible story package  for an after school tutoring program(tutor training materials included) - phonics based. Check it out! You may also find it useful for adults who are learning English as a 2nd language, too - a tool for service or just as lending materials without a tutoring program. If the money's not in the budget you may have a small group of people in your church willing to sponsor the program or at least make donations to purchase the materials to have for kids to use.

The mission to teach children and adults to read for themselves is an old one. If my memory serves me correctly, it was so that everyone could read the scriptures for themselves...

Concordia and some of the other denominational or Christian publishers might also have graded readers. I haven't checked that out.

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