Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I was looking for a good Psalm to post for Thanksgiving, using the NAS, looking at the titles of the Psalms and I came to Psalm 133. See how easily distracted I am?

I got to the last verse. Remember how I posted the passages about eternal life? Not sure whether Psalm 133 was in there. Remember how Jesus prayed that we would be one? So interesting...I never put the two together before now. Go back and'm not even going to tell you what to look for. Read the Psalm. Read the passage from John. What do you see? What did Jesus ask the Father for? For us? Christ praying for us. A teacher praying for His students. . .And a tie in between unity and eternal life. More bits and pieces of knowing Christ Jesus and all He's done for us. More to ponder than I can post about. Pretty amazing. Very humbling.

Jesus prayed this for us. 2000 years later,we can look and ask, has God answered that prayer? Looking at all the division and pondering what could be we might say no. We might say we have a lot to look forward to. But the fact that His church still exists at all is probably a "yes" and God keeps answering...but think what could about a challenge for teachers...

Here. Psalm 106:1-2  For Thanksgiving....

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