Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Disclaimer: Anything incriminating will be indecipherable to protect the guilty

Ok, my kids are threatening to crash my blog even though I've told them I'm not saying anything incriminating about them. (Actually, they're impressed that I even know what a blog is!)

I told them this is a one-track blog not unlike a one-track mind...No, blog and mind are not synonimous (sp?) . . . are they? Tell me they're not...

I'm still not saying anything incriminating but let me say that when kids are 2 or 3 years old they're often painfully honest and you figure they'll grow out of it. Social pressure, enculturation, grades ... all those conforming influences. (Well, I don't think my kids ever grew out of it :-)

There ... You've been warned. (To those of you who know who you are...Take it as a complement :-))


  1. Margie, what was your reason for deleting all those posts again?

  2. Hi Tyler,

    I didn't exactly delete, I revised and shortened. I saved copies of the originals.

    The comments have been great, especially the stories and the wrestlings but I feel like I'm rambling. Maybe I assumed I'm not generating more comments because my posts are so long and rambling that no one wants to actually read them. They may also be totally uninteresting. On the other hand I'm reading blogs and laughing and not commenting just because I don't have any comments so there's that side too ... And of course we have that significant four letter word. We are all "busy".

    Written thoughts can go into letters to real people, go into letters that never get mailed, stuck in drawers and boxes. They can be crafted into memoirs, essays, poetry, fiction or non-fiction and get mailed to editors and perhaps even get published. They can move into the realm of conversation and never get written down. They can also stay between two covers of a private journal beside your bed (and of course you can just do what you're talking about and stop talking) so why blog?

    George informed me that a blog is not really a discussion group, but I'm still not finding any discussion groups about kids in post modern churches so there you go and it's probably because of the efforts being made to be inclusive and the comments are there but not in a category by themselves.

    Given the significance of forming new generations of believers: doers and thinkers (as a man thinks so is he...) I didn't think looking for discussion was way out there. But maybe I'm wrong.


  3. Just letting you know I 'lurk' and read all your posts :). Haven't gotten into the commenting habit yet, but I thoroughly enjoy your thoughts here. It's valuable just for your own fleshing out of ideas, but I think it will also be very helpful as we shape our approach to fully involving kids in the life of their church.

  4. Smile!

    Ok. . .How about if you "lurk"ers just post a smily face or something every two months ... (about the time I start getting discouraged...) ?

    Actually my writer's mind is still playing with the idea of lurkers and bloggers like foxes and blobs or something... sounds sinister doesn't it?