Monday, October 24, 2005


[This site is now listed in our Artisan Church worship folder, thus the need for this special welcome. The Artisan Philosophy was posted 8/21. You should read that. Also realize (that if you return) you never know what you're going to find here!]

We've been using this site as a place to brainstorm our wrestlings about how to include our children in community worship in a way that will enable children and adults to interact with God (and one another) in meaningful ways.

We believe that children are capable of worship, able to interact with God, and able to interact with Him through His words and stories.

We believe that children are a blessing and that they belong with us when we gather to worship as a community and hear the Word. We believe it's a Biblical model and that the scriptures are clear that God takes great delight in having children around Him.

We believe that worship is more formative than instruction, although there is a time and place for that.

We want to include our children in as much of community life as appropriate and not separate them. Our hope is that this will nurture a sense of belonging for our children and that their presence will help form Artisan church as we grow and change to meet the needs of upcoming generations.

Our hope is to support, encourage, and equip parents to lead and guide their children in faith as they walk with Christ through relationships and in whatever ways we can.

We believe that God has much to teach all of us through our children.



  1. Out of curiousity, what is the Artisan Church worship folder?

    I was going to ask you for a link, but then it occured to me that you might be referring to an actual piece of paper. :-P

  2. vocab update: "worship folder," (1)(noun) an actual piece of paper (folded) located on the welcome table Sunday nights by the door at Artisan Church (near the controversial name tags) ... In days of yore it was affectionately called "the church bulletin."

    (Sorry, for any confusion.)

    The online version or "link" (which I still don't know how to blog) might be synonomous with - or at least the closest thing I can think of to an online version of the worship folder. I do believe there's an ipod version of the message there, photos, music and other enjoyable links that you can actually click on. :-)

    "computer science" and "working too hard" - synonyms ... Such students, however, consistantly write blog links that work :-)

  3. Oh, the bulletin. Now I know what you mean :-P