Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Barbaric Distractions

Sunday night, Artisan started the first Sunday of our 2nd annual Celtic series, not because we’re all Celts but because we hold dear many of the tenets that the Celtic Christians held dear. I first became aware of the stark differences between Roman and Celtic Christianity a few years ago when I read a book by Thomas Cahill: HOW THE IRISH SAVED CIVILIZATION. I thought, almost 50 years in church, how is it that I never heard any of this before?

So, Sunday night, Pastor Jason starts his message, “without further interruption” (or something similar) and our young “barbarian” children in full costume and sound effects emerged as a glaring interruption. The point being, that the Celts knew how to love people as they were and call them higher through love, conversation, and hospitality. They didn’t believe that unbelievers had to become Romans to embrace Jesus. They didn’t believe that unbelievers had to become Roman or Middle Eastern for Christ to embrace them. They held on to the elements of their culture that pointed back to God and the scriptures, and the way Jesus did things. That isn’t the way Jason said it, but that's the short of it.

The kids had opportunity to color Celtic designs, glue pretzels into knot patterns for pendants, and decorate their names with Celtic spirals, steps and knots. (But let it be said that I think their most favorite part was dressing up.)

Our scripture for the kids?
“Now here is my opinion. We should not make it hard for the non-Jews who are turning to God.”
(Acts 15: 19 NIV)

Stay tuned! You can check out the message and upcoming Celtic events here. Next week Brian talks about "The Celtic Way of Encountering God."

Last year we filled the church with bagpipe music. When I say “filled” understand that bagpipe music ( one of my MOST favorite of all musical instruments) is LOUD! (oh, and maybe just a little disruptive?)

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  1. There was an article published a few years back called "Saving Celtic Christianity." I'm discussing it on my blog: http://celticvoices.blogspot.com/

    Stop by.

    Wish I had seen those kids. Bet they were terrific!