Monday, March 13, 2006

Celtic worship and concert at the German House

We gathered at the German House Sunday night instead of our usual location. St. Pat's worship service at the German House with chili? What's with that? (Lots of reasons!) If there was an Irish house in Rochester maybe we would have had it there. The German House is further downtown - a rather antique and spacious gathering place with limited access to other rooms. Alot of events happen there, weddings and such.

All kidding aside...Brian told the kids about St. Patrick complete with animal sounds. Having an echo-type worship song was nicely kid friendly. We had a plastic corral in the back for the littles and a table with activity sheet, markers and crayons for the older kids. The service was short to allow time for dinner and an Irish concert at 7.

Kids and parents seemed content for the most part. One mom braved bringing her two small boys alone. Her dad was able to join her from out of town and we had a college student ready to help. New people from the neighborhood came.

I think we successfully included the kids, kept them safe, engaged them in the story, Moms and Dads were able to switch off some. Brian was able to talk without lots of distractions.

Afterthoughts: Could have brought rhythm instruments, cushions, and maybe dress up clothes (but more socializing probably would have lead to more and louder verbalizing). Could have brought library books about St. Patrick for the pictures.

Comments? What would have made it a more positive experience for you or your kids?

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