Thursday, February 19, 2009

Buds and Blooming

Some visual food for thought.

I saved these from a larger flower arrangement. They were perfectly good blossoms but their stems were too short to survive in the tall vase that the majority of the cut flowers in the arrangement needed. I could have thrown them away. I could have cut 12 - 15 inches off all the flowers but I didn't.

When I saw this on my counter I decided to take a picture because it made me think of some of the differences we find among children, even children of the same age. On any given day, some of the kids in the groups we work with are in full bloom. Some are only in partial bloom. Some haven't opened up yet. I'm not just talking about age - but differences in social, in skills, and in interests, too. In this case, I don't know for sure that the bud will open and I don't know for sure whether it will look like the others if it does open. It might be white.

They all opened up, by the way. The unopened bud was red. They lived quite a long time in that small cup on my counter.

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