Tuesday, February 24, 2009

nobody told me...

Apparently Emergingchurchinfo.com (Jay Winters is the original blogger) posted this article in Sept 08. I only semi-identify with the Emerging Church, mostly because I don't like boxes but I'm reading this article and by the end I'm thinking - What? We died? Nobody told me we died. . .

The article is worth reading.

In the meantime I will tackle chapter 8 of TCITB.


  1. I think this blog author's view of the emerging church is pretty narrow. It's never really been just one "stream" as Scot McKnight has explained it. There have been a number of streams called emerging. Anyway, I think what The Origins Project is striving to do is more than just influence the church but has the potential to be as defining in church history as the Reformation.

  2. I think it already is but don't tell anybody.

    You sent me off looking. Would this be the one?