Thursday, April 23, 2009

Genesis 22 crafts 1&2

This crafty idea w/photos is a blog experiment. Someone came looking for craft ideas for Gen. 22...I'm going to give you three ideas. Here are the first two.

1) Create a diorama with sand, twigs, ram, stone and pieces of fabric on (clay, pipe cleaner, or paper) figures for the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac. (Don't have a picture for this so you'll have to use your imagination!)

2) [Create a template and make copies]

You will need:

a picture of each child that can be cut and pasted
1 1/2 pieces of plain white paper per child (or copies of template for the children to use)
glue, tape, scissors, markers or crayons,
picture of each child, clip art of a ram, and clip art of Jesus [these are just Microsoft Word clip art]

Ask the kids to bring in a picture of themselves from home to cut and paste or take pictures in class the week before with a Polaroid or digital camera.

Fold a plain piece of paper in half. Cut on the fold line. Use one half. Fold it in half. On the top half that's folded over draw a large rock, then cut a hole in the middle of the rock a little smaller than the clip art/child pictures. Tape the bottom edge so you can't lift the flap. You should have a rock with a window hole. [On the template you will probably want to draw the hole to cut out and draw the fold lines.]

Take a second piece of plain paper and fold it in half the long way. Cut on the fold. Use one strip per child. Draw an X on the middle of the strip. Glue the ram there. To the right of the ram glue a picture of the child. To the left of the ram glue a clip art picture of Jesus. (you may want to mark and number these spaces on the template ahead of time instead of using the X).

When you slide the strip through the rock window you should see the child first,

then the ram that God provided,

then the picture of Jesus.

When you use clip art really look at the images and see what they are visually communicating to the kids. I found that the picture of child, Jesus, and ram looking straight at me had a different affect than cartoony images or a ram leaping away.

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