Thursday, April 23, 2009

Genesis 22 crafts 3

3) For each child you will need
a flat rock
a picture of the child that can be cut and pasted
clip art of ram, clip art of Jesus
glue stick, white glue
2 paper rectangles that will fit on the rock when folded in half

Find a relatively flat rock for each child or let the kids bring one in.

Cut 2 identical rectangular pieces of paper to fit on the rock folded in half. Glue the Jesus pic inside one rectangle so you can lift up/open the flap. Glue the ram rectangle inside the second rectangle and the child pic on the top flap. Glue the top flap of the Jesus rectangle to the back of the ram flap so the child is on the top flap, the ram is on the middle flap and Jesus is inside the bottom flap.

Glue the flaps to the rock so the first picture is the child, the inside flap is the ram, and the bottom piece that is glued to the rock is the picture of Jesus (use white glue).

Let the flaps dry open so they don't stick to each other. (And probably better to have a rock that doesn't have paint spots!)

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