Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Someone came to Emerging Kids looking for "believing children" or something like that...

I googled "faith of children." Found some useful resources for you but what was interesting to me...and I will probably get bomb-blasted for this...- at the very end of the page there were sites for wiccan parents growing wiccan faith-filled children. For me, an unexpected look at the competition, folks! No, I didn't investigate further but, as I say - such is the competition. Also interesting because I was just looking at a book about Celtic Christianity and evangelism. . . and I'm guessing the early Christians in ancient Ireland faced similar challenges . . .

Some different perspectives:

a Focus on the Family article

an Orthodox article - Raising Children With Christ, Compassion, and Commitment by Fr Peter Gillquist

This is a book that I've not seen before that some of you may find interesting. I've not read it. When Prayer Fails: Faith Healing, Children, and the Law. As I say, some of you may find this a useful book to read. Apparently it tastefully (and with empathy) addresses a very delicate issue.

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