Thursday, February 18, 2010

2nd thoughts...

So I'm having 2nd thoughts about committing to 3 years of posting from the liturgy looking for kids in the scriptures. Maybe I'll post through the season of Lent 2010. How about that... You have the tools to explore this. You really don't need my thoughts and observations. I'm going to try VERY hard to keep it VERY simple and not elaborate or explain much.

Consider exploring this little exercise with your CM team or parents or leaders or any interested party. Whether you try it as an individual or as a group I expect you'll see something you never noticed before. If you do it with a group, you'll have the advantage of other people sharing what they see: a small enough group so everyone gets to actively participate, a large enough group so you have LOTS to think about.

There might be other ways to explore this. Make a bulletin board. Let people bring in a 3x5 card with one observation from the text each week - one observation about children.

We're looking for kids: not only specific references in the text but, "Were they there to hear this?" How would a family respond? How did the event, law, proverb affect the children? When God's prophetic words came to pass how did that affect the children? Who was responsible? When God continually called His people to repentance and they refused and the children suffered, whose fault was that? How does grown-up faithfulness & unfaithfulness affect children?

Look for words, images, stories that children can relate to ie. God is my fort, my safe place, my hiding place. As a child I always had a secret fort. Maybe that's why I especially like the Psalms that describe God that way.

Remember that this little exercise isn't really about children. It's about God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and His perspective on children. Is ours the same? Is it different? How do we respond?

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