Monday, February 22, 2010

Wordless revisited

You know, you can use any picture, group of pictures, or book with pictures that show action to let a child tell the story. You just do what you do without words - without prompts. You can use pictures to show first, middle, last. You can do history chronology w/pictures. Which came first the story picture of Adam, David, or Jesus? Turn on a video with no sound. Flip through a story in utter silence and, at the end, ask your small people "what did you like?" "What didn't you like?" You can ask who or what a wordless story is about. Where? When? Why? But you don't have to. Have some fun.

A story has a beginning, middle, end. A story has action. A story has a main character. Sometimes it has time, place, why, what, so what...

Think about a story without words. Children see wordless stories everyday - meaning the course of someone's actions where the words aren't necessarily directed at them.

See how many different things you can teach without words. See if you can do a whole class without words...

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