Friday, February 12, 2010

Pondering Psalm 99 and the child

How do you teach a child "holy"? "'mighty"? "justice?"

This Psalm says that this thing called "justice" is something God loves.

Children understand"to do right". God always does right.

"Worship!" Why? Because God is holy.

What's a footstool? Do you have a footstool? What do you do with it? What might it look like for God to have a footstool?

They called on the Lord. He answered them. Do your children have first hand experience with calling and having someone answer?

Forgiveness. Punishing misdeeds. Do your children have first hand experience with this?

"Exalt the Lord-" what does that mean? What does it look like? Sound like? Feel like? Are your children part of a people who experiences this?

Nations trembling. The earth shaking. The unique. The unusual. The unexpected fosters a fear of God in less science-minded people if these are the stories they hear. Today we dismiss superstition and faith for science but think about the fear of God that inevitably came before the days of science when the earth shook, when a man entered a tent looking like every other man and came back glowing after being in the presence of the Living God!

We invest all this energy trying to bring children to faith when they start out with the capacity to believe as much as their young imaginations are capable of - things grown ups have stopped believing and insist on explaining and ultimately dismissing. That's why we need children.

Am I dismissing science? No. Didn't God create all that scientists study? Didn't God create the minds of men who develop technology. Didn't God give man intuition and understanding? There is awe & wonder there. But isn't God the ultimate source of all that we can explain and all that we can't? Science may give us the words so we can talk about it. Science may give us the tools to keep discovering more about all that God has created. Science may give us the tools to make it work for us and take dominion. But where did it all come from? God - the beginning and the end, the Alpha & Omega - the creator of all things. The writer of His stories.

Imagine the incredulous worship God would receive if we were all continuously worshiping and praising Him for all of this (even if only in our hearts)?

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