Friday, February 05, 2010


This is a very neat concept if you haven't already played with this: wordless books, wordless stories, wordless pictures. You and one child will obviously get something different from this experience that you will in a whole classroom of children. I'm not saying one is better, one is worse. They're just different.

The Boyds Mills Press Spring 2010 Cataloge (pg 14) says, "Wordless picture books invite you to switch roles. You be the listener — let your child be the reader."

You can do that with Bible Stories, too. You may or may not be comfortable doing that with sacred story but if the child has already heard the story you get to hear his/her version. If not, you get to see how much children get from scripture and how close scripture is to the text. And all of that is didactic. You get to enjoy how young children process what they see.

There are lots of wordless books and pictures and stories out there and in a sense, "a wordless" Outside to read and listen to as well.

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