Monday, July 03, 2006

Getting Through Worship

Music and rhythm instruments usually take care of themselves.

If there's new decor, "Do you see..."
Visuals on the overhead, "do you see..."

Confession? A time to confess? "Is there anything you're sorry for that you need to whisper to Jesus?" "Is there something special that you love about God?"

When there's a scripture story presented from the pulpit, having a Bible picture book in your hands for little people really helps, even if you're flipping pages looking for all the boats or storms or a lady, or a crowd, or a child, or someone who's hurt.

Having props helps, too, but you'd need to know which story they're going to do ahead of time. If you have a story about Jesus healing, a doll with bandages to wrap or a doctor kit or tape and gauze will keep little people quiet and busy for a bit. If it has to do with animals or creation bring picture books with animals or a stuffed animal or little plastic animals or play dough. If it has to do with a vine. Bring a vine and knot it and weave it and make something. You don't even have to talk. Be creative. Think simple and concrete.

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