Tuesday, April 15, 2008

But not during vacations...

Ok. The museum is still worth visiting but very crazy and very loud.

Oh yeah, this week all the kids are out of school!!!

So don't go Spring break unless you don't mind mild chaos or walking a block or two when all the parking spaces are taken. And next time I'll stop and read all the quotes about "play" on the wall so I can share them here!

My friend and I had a really good time trailing her 3 and 6 year olds around. So much to see and do and hear. I'm out of shape keeping track of kids in wild stimulating environments. I haven't visited the museum in a very long time. They've added so many activities and spaces. I haven't been around ALOT of kids having a really good time going in all different directions in a very long time either.

Did I use to have 5 kids 2 years apart give-or-take? Did I use to take all five of them to wildly stimulating places like that on a regular basis by myself without blinking an eye?

And how did I do that? Good question.

Probably at off hours, not at rush hour. Probably in lifeguard mode counting 1-2-3-4-5. My math skills stink but I was really good at counting to five.

And I didn't lose anyone?

Well . . . only a couple of times. It was usually momentary - give or take 30-40 minutes. My daughter will probably never forgive us. Ever. She loves to tell the stories. And do you think there's a reason that it was usually the same child?

We didn't lose anyone - not permanently, anyway. We still have the same five we started with. Ok, they've changed a little.

I may be spending too much time alone with two quiet puppies and I may be enjoying those long periods of quiet aloneness WAY too much!

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  1. For the record, in case she reads this, the lost child was most respectful, quiet, and well-behaved - not a child you'd ever want to lose but sometimes she'd get distracted and we'd get distracted and I think underneath the surface she's an adventurer at heart.