Tuesday, April 15, 2008

only in my yard

Ok. I am the emerging kid here . . . the ongoing saga of my city yard . . . apart from the kamakaze squirrels who dare show their squirrelly faces in my yard when the dogs are off-leash . My dogs are quite good, considering. But they are in fact dogs. No more generalizations or observations about my dogs. They inevitably prove me wrong. But I digress

I drive in my driveway and I notice the cat. My neighbor feeds cats so it's not unusual to see a cat in my yard . My husband is so allergic to cats (and my daughter), otherwise I'd probably have a couple of my own . . .

I see the cat. The cat is facing south but looking at me (we'll call that looking west) . Lo and behold not 15 feet from the cat facing north but looking east the woodchuck has emerged from under the shed. First time I've seen him this season. I'd take a picture to prove it but they were a little too far apart to get in close enough, amateur that I am. Besides, they would have run away. They're about the same size, wild and domestic, that close together, staring in opposite directions, oblivious to each other (I think) . . . a good thing, probably . . . but hey, maybe they were playing together before I drove in the driveway and they were just angry. Who would know, right? The stuff of tall tales, I mean tails.

Seriously, somehow I think this could only happen in my yard.

When you read about the lion and the lamb, think of us.

And think of my Lollypop Farm quilt, too. If you look closely you'll see little children here and there. Not all that creative but it was a fun idea. (and The Craft Connection has lots of fun animal fabric.)

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