Thursday, April 10, 2008

Interacting with the Outdoors Home or Church

While it's still early in the season consider this, especially if you have some extra grassy space outside. Think of it this way if you're feeling reluctant. It's 5 ft square you won't have to mow!

A Sunflower Play House! This isn't my idea. Here are more directions from Family

And it doesn't have to be a family project. It can be a project on the lawn outside your church. I don't even want to think about the process for getting board approval but there's probably a lot of potential for creative thinking here.

Grow a vegetable garden at church and give the produce away to someone who needs fresh vegetables.

Grow a flower garden at church and use the cut flowers on Sundays or take flowers to someone who's sick or shut-in.

Take a hike and take photos. Create photo art. God .....or add a scripture for inspiration.
Create a wall of photo inspiration or poetry.

Activities like this can be done at home as families. Families can do the activity at home and bring the fruit of their labors to church and share the giving with someone at church who might know the perfect person to receive the gift.

The possibilities are endless!

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