Monday, January 25, 2010

Emergent Conversations in Denominations

As usual, I'm a little behind the times on this one if you look at the dates the articles on the sites here were originally posted. But the other day, I came upon an Emergent blogger from the Church of Christ. Then I found an rather large Emergent network in the Presbyterian church. Artisan is an Evangelical Covenant Church. Being the curious creature that I am I went looking at other denominations wondering if every denomination has an Emergent contingency. If so, does that make what's happening something different than just a "conversation" or a "movement?"

So here is an interesting list of "Emergent" cohorts, statements, conversations, or blogs (disclaimer: that may or may not be representative of individual denominations) for those of you who may be wrestling with this. I'm sure there are more. Some are individual bloggers, some are networks within denominations. Some are strong, what I would consider very well-written, clear observations about those who call themselves "Emergent". Check a denomination's website or just search the name of the denomination + Emergent church and see what you find. If you feel drawn to a particular denomination but also feel strongly about some of the areas that Emergent churches seem to focus on, this gives you a chance to investigate, ask questions, network a little or make contacts.


This guy is an individual blogger with 3+ posts specifically wrestling with similarities and differences between the emergent church & the Church of Christ from his perspective.

Evangelical Covenant Church - scroll down to the end of the article. (Artisan is an ECC church.)

Anglicans & Episcopalians. The way I understand it, Anglicans and Episcopals are different but you will find both here. (When you get there, scroll down)


one Baptist perspective (Ed Stetzer, Baptist Press) and another (William Lloyd Allen at Mercer).

this very recent conference included Catholic participants. I'd venture to guess this is just a beginning.

an interesting video from the Ooze with Phyllis Tickle* + comments.

some resources from Ryan Bolger, a professor at Fuller Theological. (Darren Rowse in Melbourne Austrailia) which I think was or is a House Church movt blog. This was the initial blog post. Again, you'll have to search for the follow up post.

Non-denominational and autonomous churches, from my experience, are a mixed bag like anything else even if they love Jesus, the Word, and each other depending on the people, internal leadership model, outside networking, involvement in the greater community. Apologies, but my comfort level with non-denomination/autonomous models (in general) is less now than it was 30 years ago.

Does being associated with (or breaking away from) long-established Christian denominations give a movement or "conversation" more or less credibility? Not sure. What do you think? Our choices as adults ultimately impact our children.

*Phyllis Tickle's book for children

1/25/10 Emerging Spirit (an arm of the the United Church of Canada)

2/17/10 Emergent Pentacostal they also include some of denominations above. Not sure if the websites are the same.

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