Sunday, January 31, 2010

OT stories for small children 2

When you look at the OT stories you want to tell ask yourself some questions.

If a child were there when that story first took place . . . what would they be interacting with?

Where was it? They took a long trip through a hot sandy place . Can you recreate any part of that place? (sand to touch or wiggle your fingers & toes in, heat)

Can you make a tent and tell the story, play, sing, eat snack in a tent?

What did they wear? Can you dress up?

Why did they go? Did someone hear God talk to them? Who?

What animals went with them? (1 or 2 or lots?) photos, pretend, stuffed animals or plastic

What else did they need to take with them? What will we need? Food, drinks, a place to sleep...

Who went? (family of 4? Everyone they knew?)

Where did they go? Was it a long trip or a short trip? How many times did they need to go to sleep before they got where they were going?

What happened along the way?

Who are the characters? What made them special?

If they stayed put and didn't travel did the story happen inside or outside? What time of day was it?

What did their house look like? Did they eat or drink? What did they eat or drink?

Did they sit in chairs? On the floor? On a rug?

Did they sleep? Where did they sleep?

Were there parents, friends, brothers, sisters involved?

Were there animals or something unique or special involved?

Did someone do something good?

Did someone do something bad?

What did God say? What did God do?

What did the people say? What did the people do?

Did that make God happy or sad or mad?

Did that make the people happy, sad or mad?

As you reread the passage, recreate the story for your children, Use simple verses from the story with the parts of the story that they will understand. If you can let very little ones see pictures or pre-school & older kids pretend or act out the story. Use puppets or dolls and stuffed animals. Give yourself a time limit. The shorter the better. Better for them to complain that they want more than to complain because they're bored.

Revisit and explore the story together.

Enjoy the journey.

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