Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still Adding to this post

Not sure if I ever posted these way back when...if not have some fun exploring, reading & prayerfully pondering. I challenge you to really take the time to search and read and ponder the material on these sites and any sites they're linked to. Not only are these experienced-servants-of-God-who-work-closely-with-children pondering Faith, Children, Practice, and the Kingdom of God but many are working with children at risk.

the site for the Child Theology Movement and better yet, ChildFaith

The Center for Children & Theology There are scripture booklets near the bottom if you scroll down far enough and one on stillness...interesting tools...

You'll find this on the site but in case you miss it...(Listening to the Child Blog)

Prevette Research

Overseas Ministries Study Center

Children's Spirituality: Christian Perspective

Don Ratcliff & resources

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  1. I do understand that some of this material may not appeal to more conservative Protestant readers but I believe Catechesis of the Good Shepherd was somewhere at the beginning of Godly Play and The Young Child in Worship. I haven't read these materials but you may find something helpful for quiet times with children.