Sunday, January 31, 2010

OT stories for small children

The first story I would tell? Creation!

(NIRV) Key phrases:

"God made"
"God said...and it was so..."
"and God said 'It was good!"

Start your story with the lights off.

Long long ago in the very beginning God made the heavens. . . [Maybe you use your laptop or flashlight to show a sky photo] "God made the earth." [earth photo]. [Maybe you use a globe. Outer space might be a little far fetched for very little ones.]

God said, Let there be light. And there was light![Turn on the lights!] God said it and it was so. God saw that the light was good and He called it "Day." [photo of day] He called the darkness "Night." [photo of night - same pic day & night] There was evening and there was morning the 1st day. [Show 1 finger] Have your kids pretend to go to sleep and wake up.

On day 2 [show 2 fingers] God said, Let there be a big space between the waters and it was so. God made the sky! [Photo] And God said, "This is good!" Can you say that? And God said, 'This is good!" Go to sleep!

Time to wake up!

On day 3 [show 3 fingers] God told the waters on the ground to move over and make room for the ground. And they did. And there was dry land. God called it "land". [Photo] He called the waters "seas". [Photo] God said, Let the land grow plants & trees [photo] with fruits and seeds [photo] And God said, [Teacher w/kids] "This is good!" Go to sleep.

Time to wake up!

On day 4 [show 4 fingers] God said, We need special lights to separate day and night. He wanted lights to show seasons and days and years. So God made the bigger light to boss the day [photo of sun] and the lesser light to boss the night [photo of moon] and he made stars [photo of stars in night sky]. And God said [Teacher & kids] "This is good!" Go to sleep!

Time to wake up!

On day 5 [show 5 fingers] God said, Fill up the waters with lots of living creatures. [photos of salt or fresh water creatures under water] Let birds fly in the sky! [photos of birds flying in the sky] God made every one and they had babies and their families filled the waters and the skies and God said, [Teacher & Kids] "This is good!" Go to sleep!

Time to wake up!

On day 6 [show 6 fingers] God said, Let the land grow all kinds of animals: wild animals [photo]. . . farm animals [photo]. . . creatures that move on the ground [photo]. Then God said, Let's make man in our likeness [photo]. Let them be boss over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the animals all over the earth.

So God made man in his own image: man & woman. [photo] God blessed them. God said, Fill the earth! [photo grown ups w/babies & children] Be boss of the fish and the birds and all the animals!

God said, I give you all the plants with seeds, all the trees that have fruit with seed for food. [photo] And to all the creatures that breathe, I give every green plant for food [photo]. And God said, [Kids] "This is good!" Go to sleep!

Time to wake up!

On day 7 [show 7 fingers] God took a rest! He rested from all his work! He blessed that special resting day and made it holy. That was the day He rested from all His work.

You can let the kids say a word for the pictures: What's this? Land! What's this? Seas. What's this? Tree.... You could ask what kind of boss God wants us to be for the creatures of the earth. Kind. Gentle. Whatever word you use in class for being nice to each other. You could let kids act out and be sun, moon, stars, plants & trees, swimming creatures, flying creatures, land creatures. And you could probably simplify this even more without losing the scripture. If you have fun with them and they have fun with you, they will remember.

God made the heavens and the earth and all the living things there.
And God said, "THIS IS GOOD!"

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