Monday, January 25, 2010

Kids & Stewardship

Stewardship -from

a steward

-manages someone else's property or finances.

-manages someone else's household, shopping, feeding & managing servants

- responsible for a specific table in a restaurant to wait on guests, feed them, see to their needs, wants, comfort

- (on a ship) manages those who serve others or waits on guests, feeds them, sees to their needs, wants, comfort

-supervises a group at a given function or event

- a flight attendant

-navy personnel who attend to officer's quarters & mess

-a keeper, a guardian, an overseer

Is a steward the same as a servant? Is stewardship the same as service?

What have you been given to steward? And your children? What have they been given to steward?

Does God steward? What does He steward? How does He steward? What about Jesus? The Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit steward? What about Adam & Eve? What were they given to steward? What have God's children been given to steward?

If you want a word study you can find "steward" in the KJV, NIV, NAS
You can find "stewardship" in the KJV and NAS.

If you read a passage like Luke 16:1-15
you can read the story and see what the story tells you OR you can go back and look specifically to see what the story tells you about stewardship. In one or two simple sentences, what will you tell a child about stewardship? Better yet, how do we show it? As a person. As a parent. As a teacher. As a family. As a faith community....

Make a list of what you've been given in one column and how you've managed it in the other. When you hand it back to Father/Son/Holy Spirit...not the list but the goods...what will He say?

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