Saturday, March 29, 2008

Not true!

God (and my dogs- another story) are making a liar out of me this week. Did I say spring is coming to upstate NY? Did I say something about geese flying back? Let's blame it on the geese. The geese lied.

As of this writing (March 29th, 7:30 am), it's 29 degrees outside and it looks like this:

If you look at these pictures you might think, "Someone had a snowball fight,"

If, however, you had been walking your dogs in the same place yesterday you would know that the trees are the ones throwing, or rather dropping, the snowballs

My parents are 4 hours away. They lost electricity and heat for a few hours. And they stayed home.

But here it was just enough to make the painting without destroying the canvas. The temperature must have stayed constant for more than 24 hours and we must have had almost no wind because the same snow covered branches were still staring at us last night at 7:30 . It was still light outside! Still light outside? Yes, it's supposed to be spring.

So you can look at all this scientifically or you can use the opportunity to imagine yourself 400 years in the past and think of some wonderfully mythical story explanation for a midnight snowball fight and trees that magically look like this overnight.

Either way, of course, marvel at God's handiwork.

I wonder if we choose the scientific explanations because we want our kids to grow up or whether it's because we understand the truth of science but we don't understand the truth of story. I wonder if 400 years ago stories of snow fairies and leprechauns helped grown-ups keep their sense of wonder - their only defense against losing childhood so quickly to their hard-scrabble existence.

I may wonder about odd things. It's fun! Take time to wonder with your kids. Better still, listen to your children wonder. You could share your wonder with them. Let them share their wonder with you.

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