Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring is Coming!

Remember it's spring. Lots to look forward to!

Sunshine! (If you don't live in upstate NY)

Warmer temperatures.


More mud.

Geese are coming back!

Maple sugar vats are out. (Visit Cummings Nature Center)

Sheep shearing is coming. (Check out Springdale Farm) . You can also watch for Farm Day at Lollypop Farm but I don't think they shear the sheep during the event. Not sure. If you ever get a chance to run your hand over a sheep the wool will feel greasy. Lanolin, I think. If you're going to talk about sheep in Sunday school, go meet and greet some sheep!

When you start to rake watch for new plants just starting to grow and bugs, of course!

Watch for buds on the bushes and trees. Stop and look when you walk by and watch them grow. Play a guessing game. Guess what they'll be!

If you have older kids they can begin to anticipate what plants and fruits and vegetables will be growing in your yard each year. Especially the berries!

Plant seeds, or plants, or trees, or bushes. Somehow we always manage to plant alot of something the year we get very little rain. Do yourself a favor and pick a rainy year! You never know 'til it happens. I know.

Watch for baby ducks. The baby birds and squirrels will show up later.

You get the idea! Enjoy whatever season God has provided in your part of the world! Read a Psalm! Praise the God who makes it possible!

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  1. I feel so sorry for you in Upstate New York.

    Spring arrived here weeks ago. Even going to a baseball game tonight! Hehehe.