Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What? Vet School Open House?

Why would someone put a Vet School Open House on an Emerging Kids Blog? Why all the local resources and field trip ideas? Crazy? How many Christian Ed programs do you know who go on field trips? Service trips, yes. Let's-marvel-at-how-amazing-God-is-trips? Probably not. That's why I post some of the things I post - to get you thinking outside the box.

Maybe it's to make you aware that there are lots of opportunities out there to acknowledge how big and amazing God is with your children - sometimes in places you might not expect. How would you know God is there, unless you're there, too?

You can't be everywhere but if you or your children have an interest in something and you gather to do things that you're interested in with other people who enjoy the same things you'll grow friendships. Sometimes kids will end up with a career. Vet School Open Houses, Planetariums, Horticulture, Engineering competitions, Art exhibits, fishing derbys. Some of them cost money but not all.

The Memorial Art Gallery here is finishing up a quilting exhibit. [that link might not be current in two weeks] Local quilters did art quilt interpretation squares for some of the artwork in the gallery. Inspiring! I was actually starting to see artwork as potential quilt squares!

You don't even have to start a club, just latch on to one that's already going. Cheaper and less time consuming. You get to learn from more experienced people by just being around them and watching and asking questions. There are a lot of organizations serving youth in this city. Bring your interests and ask about teaching a class. Coach a Little League team or a soccer team. If you're in a fairly relaxed league I can almost guarantee you know more about baseball than most 7 year olds.

Out of the box in it's most simple form - Last Sunday we were recovering from a snow storm. A younger person who wasn't going to church helped shovel out an older neighbor who was going to church. She didn't share the gospel. She didn't say, "Come to church with me." She just kept lavishing thanks and blessings on that poor young soul after the shoveling was done and every time she saw the unlikely Good Samaritan over the next couple days. How fun is that? No, I wasn't the older person.

Whether we actually fall into the Emerging or Emergent school of thought remains to be seen.

Living things don't live very long in boxes.

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  1. You don't even have to start a club, just latch on to one that's already going.

    I just wanted to repeat that.