Monday, March 24, 2008

A picture! (and so totally random!!)

Seemed an appropriate image for posts about Last Child in the Woods and as long as you're listening ... This book is one of a series published in 1937, (Olive Beaupre Miller, editor) before books were as age appropriately packaged as they are today. 1937 was the 4th printing. I believe the set was republished into the 1950's, back when "secular" anthologies for children included Bible Stories. Yes, I feel old, but not that old!

The fun thing about this series is that the first book is written for the very youngest listeners with small bits of text and LOTS of pictures. Each book after that contains fewer pictures and more text so the books grow with the listeners as they become readers. I just thought it was pretty cool that they were doing that 80 years ago ...and yes, it's totally random!!

See what my family puts up with?

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