Thursday, August 14, 2008


I would really like to send you to the mission statement on a website but can't put it on my website. Don't want to violate any copyrights. (read the fine print) So do this!

[Google] Lancaster Priory and Parish Church UK
[choose] Lancaster Priory
[Scroll down] Website Index
[choose] Index #3 Education Dept.
[choose] Education Home Page (which they're updating)
[choose] Mission Statement

I want to send you here. They're under construction right now but I LOVE the language and the phrases in their purple mission statement!

They want it to be ALIVE!!! I'm assuming because they want what they do to be ALIVE I'm assuming because Jesus is ALIVE and His Holy Spirit is alive (and active) and because the God we serve is a living God. . .My husband is less impressed but it's just fun. What I heard is a desire to create education that's alive with doors for wondering and exploring and asking questions. I think those things are important. But you knew that!


  1. Dear Margie,
    I've only recently discovered your blog - and I LOVE it! Thank you for pointing out Lancaster Priory's mission statement. I'm a Brit (go Team GB!) who used to be in the cathedral/greater churches world - and the education side of the work is vital to show children & others that the church lives and breathes - and isn't just ancient stones. God bless you for all you give to stimulate our thoughts in your blog.