Friday, August 15, 2008

Choices 3

Here's a game:

We're in a store [pick a place]
I have [this much $] $1
My choices [2 or 3] A drink, a coloring book, a candy bar.

Things to consider:
I'm thirsty.
My sister is thirsty.
I already have 3 coloring books.
This $1 has to last me until next week.
(If I save it, and add to it next week . . . what can I do with it?)

Parents used to walk children through this kind of thinking every time they went to the store together (once a week!) . Key: You have to be with your children when they're making these choices. We did that until they were teens earning their own money but they weren't quite ready . . . That's where we blew it.

You can create games like that for kids - choosing games. And I'm not talking about the game where there are 3 people in a boat and only enough food and water for 2, who do you throw overboard.

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  1. 1. I'm one of those 30-somethings working my way out of a financial mess.
    2. I love what you write about the importance of teaching kids how to chose.
    3. Lifeboat! -