Friday, August 08, 2008

Imagine. . .

Just so you folk working with kids keep your child-like imaginations working. . .
and this is total speculation, non-theological...

In the very beginning of the world,
when the world was only a week old
(and the past was only a week old)
when Adam and Eve
were the only human beings alive
in the midst of all creation
as God walked with Adam in the cool of the day
as Adam walked and worked with Eve
What do you think they thought about?

Do you think they talked
Or do you think they were quiet
What do you think they talked about?

Do you think God listened and Adam talked
Do you think Adam listened and God talked?
Do you think that time was full of "Adam, do this!"
or "God, do that!"

Do you think they dreamed and shared their dreams?
Did you ever wonder?

Imagine walking with God in the cool of the evening on a brand new earth
Only seven days old , no past except creation to speak of
Imagine walking and dreaming together.

If you ever thought about man being made in God's image
and how different God and man are
If you ever thought about Adam and Eve alone parenting all mankind
and how different we human beings are from one another
I wonder how ecclectic Adam and Eve were.

I wonder if they dreamed with God . . . I wonder if there are clues in scripture.

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