Friday, August 15, 2008

Choices 2

Walk in any store. Google a product or service on line. The over-choice is over-whelming. The blessing of free enterprise gone a-rye. I think the issue is less about rich or poor and more about stewardship. I wrestle with that constantly. Stewardship that isn't stingy - giving away or throwing away what I don't need. I grew up with people who saved everything and that was stewardship. I live with a giver but he likes to buy gadgets that we don't neccessarily need. An added complication - People give us stuff! Keep? Sell? Give away? Throw away? Where do we learn how to steward our resources?

Biblical choices don't always make sense. They may not make you a winner in the eyes of the people around you - even within your faith community. In fact, God's word gives us an interesting mixture of rich and poor with the call to lay down our lives. The wild cards? Sometimes God provides and sometimes life happens unexpectedly. Life isn't really a game but life is full of choices. It's possible to control resources in a way that we can use to help children practice making choices that have consequences.

"Choose" (and all it's variations) sounds like a fun word study.

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