Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In-Class Adventure 3

Here's one: from Psalm 15

Lord, who lives in Your house?
That house on a hill - a holy hill?
How 'bout me?

I'm not the kid who never gets blamed.
The one who always does the right thing
Sometimes I lie
Sometimes I gossip
(or slight someone)
Sometimes I bad-mouth people
Sometimes I hurt people

People like me don't live in Your house.
But I want to.
Help me.

Teach me to despise vile people
[I thought God loved everyone and just hated their sin?]
Teach me to honor those who fear You
[even when they aren't perfect]
Teach me to keep an oath until it hurts
[even when everyone else breaks their word]
Teach me how to lend without doing it to earn interest,
without expecting to profit from giving or lending
to give without expecting anything in return

If someone tries to hire me or convince me
to wrong someone

who doesn't deserve it
I'll say "no."

Maybe I can be someone who lives in Your house.
The people who live in Your house are unshakeable.

If I live in Your house, I'll be unshakable, too.

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