Thursday, August 25, 2005

Puppies and exponential challenges

Taking a break...

Ellie's leash slipped out of my hand yesterday so she seized the opportunity to trot down the slope prancing into morning traffic which, thankfully, was slow. I followed of course, Nyah in tow. She came willingly for a change eager for the adventure. Sun in my eyes, I could only see the black puppy, not the cars slowing and stopping. I finally caught the leash. Luckily she wasn't running. She runs like a bullet.

But there is a point... increased numbers doesn't neccessarily mean that the challenges only double for two or triple for three. (If I was a math expert. . .) Let's try this: sometimes challenges multiply exponentially? Is that the word?

And never try to reach in between two combative puppies hoping to lure them out of their struggle for dominance with a treat. It's a good way to get bit and I don't mean puppy nipping either...Someone warned me about that...but those puppies had been listening so well...They've since returned to their gentle selves. Probably the long walk . . .

It's safe to write about puppies. They can't read so they won't mind!


  1. Hey, who says we can't read your blog?

  2. No rest for the wicked...
    Did I tell you that they are VERY scared of my guitar? Very scared if it's sitting on the couch (keeps them from running across the top of the furniture, though...), more scared if I play it (yes, after I tuned it)... I was trying to write a new song after almost a year and the puppies are afraid of it... probably because the song's about justice ...sigh...sigh...double sigh...Seriously, we had a good day...AND after walking for an hour they're TIRED!

  3. Sigh...puppies do like to read ...but they read with their teeth... thankfully I don't have a lap top. :-)