Friday, August 19, 2005


I feel compelled to say that all of this looks long and complicated but it's actually just an attempt to paint enough detail so that we're all seeing the same thing when we look at the picture. Most people paint pictures of things that already exist. Not true here!

I think the reality is the simpler, the better for everyone. Use what you can use. Throw away what you can't use. When I sent the email about awe* it's just an idea. Use it or don't use it at your own discretion. It's as simple as "Did you see that?" and a moment of awe-filled silence together.

*if you didn't get the email here it is:

Watch, listen, respond to your child’s awe-filled moments with awe. Include them in yours. You really don’t have to explain everything or anything ‘til they ask a question. When they do, answer it of course but consider answering it in it’s simplist form. If they ask another question, answer that one. Parents can get tired of teaching and kids can get tired of always listening to long explanations. On the other hand, a simple approach may keep them hungry enough to keep coming back.


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